Trade Only Interior Design at Wholesale Prices


A new and exciting e-design concept for “do-it-yourself” design savvy consumers!

Our exclusive buying service enables our customers to purchase “to the trade only” designer home furnishings, fabrics, lighting and accessories at “wholesale prices”, without the added expense of hiring an Interior Designer and paying full retail!

We invite you to shop where the designers shop with the security of knowing that ACCESS2DESIGNS (A2D) will assist you from beginning to end in purchasing quality, custom made merchandise found in popular design magazines.

With A2D you control the creative process!  Your experience can be as simple as purchasing a single luxury design item without the extra fees of an Interior Designer or as involved as a complete renovation with the design expertise of our parent company, Everyday Elegance Design International LLC (EEDI).

“A2D is unlike any other site I have used before. The available design tools and access to high quality designer pieces at these prices is truly unparalleled.”

Corey Adams

Jacksonville, FL

How Our Home Decorating Buying Service Works


The concept.

ACCESS2DESIGNS (A2D) is your one-stop resource for decorating ideas and purchasing furniture, fabric, draperies and accessories.  We invite you to explore the mix of exclusive items of home decor from around the world.

Your home should be a reflection of your unique style and personality; this is easily accomplished if you follow one important rule – BUY WHAT YOU LOVE! Our goal is to inspire you with an endless selection of the most exciting products in the home fashion world today.  Join us on this beautiful, shared journey in decorating your home.

The details.

A2D is your personal on-line design consultant who will work with you to provide exclusive access to luxury “to the trade only” manufacturers at designer wholesale prices.  To facilitate orders for customers, our mark-up is only 25% for fabrics and accessories and 30% for furniture, above our designer wholesale cost.  This is a departure from the traditional structure of hourly fees for the decorator not to mention the 35%-50% additional designer mark-up on the furnishings.  A2D will be involved from the time you request a quote until the time the furniture is placed in your home.